Light, Lich, Goblet, Ward 9, Plot 14

    Every second Wednesday interchanging with Esper Care at 6 Server Time.

    Welcome to the Fortune Training Hall, where new fighters are given the help they need to survive the dangers of combat.
    Our staff are more than willing to help you learn and improve in preparation for that next big job or the latest fighting week in Elysium.

    In Character we aim to help you improve your skills in combat, with in-house teachers with an adaptive array of knowledge to occasional specialists that come to give what knowledge they know.
    Out of Character we aim to offer a calm and relaxing place to learn, practise, and improve upon combat RP. Roleplayers may come to have a place safe from being judged as they learn or improve their combat RP, either under the guise of their character learning or just as OOC practise.

    We don't expect much at Fortune, only the following:
    ● Fighting is limited to the fighting pits, fighting floor, and the private path outside of the house grounds.
    ● If fighting on the private path, do not take up the entire path, as other patrons and visitors must still be able to access the Training Hall.
    ● If participating in a private fight please limit the emotes to Party chat as to not clog up the chat window with extra posts.
    ● If fighting please limit dice rolls to party chat as to not clog up the chat window.
    ● Please limit the magic used in and out of fighting. Magic out of combat can be distracting and unhelpful for teaching others nearby. If anything beyond the fighting pits are damaged by magic during a fight your fight will be interrupted and you will be asked to leave at a minimum.

    For ease, our active staff and guest trainers will have the Looking to Meld Materia tag on. Unless you have come with an out-of-staff personal trainer take advice said by anyone without this tag with a grain of salt.

    In-House Trainers


    Specialisation - One-Handed Weapons
    Born the son of pirates and then adopted by more, you'd expect Tanen to be a pirate. He's not.
    Tanen has fought in the Ul'dahn arena for years and yet only recently actually taken a student. Taking a liking to it, he decided to open The Fortune Training Hall (with plenty of help) to help those that wish to learn and improve do so.




    Specialisation - Two-Weapon Fighting
    After losing her memory, Lluv joined the Gladiator's guild and became Tanen's disciple of the sword. They have worked together for some time now, fighting tournaments together in the Ul'dahn arena.
    When she was told of Fortune, she gladly would help her tutor in setting up the training arena for other people looking to strike forth and find their fortune. She specialises in the dual-wielding of weapons, as well as knowing both black and white magick.


    Specialisation - Heavy Weapons
    Mjoll wasn't expecting to first meet her brother due to her father asking if she wanted a job, but c'est la vie.
    Most days when Tanen is working she only watches those training outside to ensure safety, letting her brother do the training. ((Retainer))
    When Tanen is otherwise busy or not present, she helps out more by actively training those present. ((Player character))


    Guest Trainers

    These trainers teach on openings they wish to, which could potentially be far and few between or every single one, it depends on the availability and desire of each of them.

    Ashe Vander - One/Two-handed Blades + Shields & Heavy Armour Tactics + Etiquette
    Jairent Ebrelnaux - Magitek Firearms & Ranged Tactics + Etiquette
    Lark Weaver - Archery & legerdemain
    Mis'to Raesthe - Red Magic & Samurai Etiquette
    Mjern Hyskaris - Battle-axe & Unarmed

    Other Staff

    These staff members aren't trainers and have other jobs around the Training Hall, please don't disturb them unless needed and don't expect many words from them.

    Saariana Vira

    An Ananta from the Vira tribe in Gyr Abania, with her sisters aiding the resistance she is one of few Ananta who chose to explore further into Eorzea. Finding the geographical climate of Ul'dah to her liking, she very quickly found the political climate of Ul'dah less enticing.
    After breaking a law she didn't even understand, she was sentenced to fighting in the Coliseum to earn her freedom. It was here that she met Tanen, and after earning her freedom, joined him in working at his new endeavour.
    At the Fortune, she's the live-in Steward. She is the only staff member to live on sight and handles the day-to-day running of the building, including repairs, purchases, and cleaning. She's quite the busy body.

    Chaena Zowayan

    A Moon Keeper who is Ul'dahn born and raised, her parents having long left the forests before she was born. She herself is a mother of two, the youngest kitten of which is only a year old.
    Being unable to continue her original life of adventuring with yet another child, she decided to go for something quieter. When she heard that the Fortune was hiring she was quick to apply, with her fondness for good food being what sold her the position.
    She enjoys her work here, making good and healthy food for people, watching the impressively toned and muscled fighters, and meeting new people from different walks of life.
    With her position as Sandwich Artist, she supplies the patrons and trainers of the Fortune with both well made pre-sets along with whatever strange combination of sandwiches they could think of, within limits of course.

    Nutritional Facilities

    Due to being a location dedicated to helping people improve and train, we also offer a place to sit and relax, to enjoy both meals taken with you or meals bought from us.
    Our meals are all healthy and tasty, we have a dedicated sandwich maker who will make healthy snacks on demand, along with exclusive partnerships with The Seasalt Cafe and The Inari Inn to have packed meals of both Western and Eastern designs ready for those that may need or want them.
    All meals and food capable of spoiling is given to the homeless and less fortunate Ul'dahn residents at the end of the working day.
    ((No real Gil is taken, it is all In Character))

    Combat Facilities

    In times of injury and wounds, The Fortune is proud to say that we utilise partnerships with Celeste Potions and Esper Care to offer immediate medical aid and, if required, quick transport to Esper Care for long term aid.

    Fighting Pits
    Located in the Training Hall grounds, the fighting pits are a set of sectioned off, individual fighting areas. They are of a decent size for melee combat but ranged and magical combatants may find them difficult to use unless wishing to fight against a melee opponent.
    Training Floor
    The training floor takes up the majority of the lower floor inside the Hall itself. With wood covering the stone floors and stone walls, combined with the cover from the weather and other natural effects, along with quicker access to medical aid, it is the safest place to fight.
    Private Path
    The private path is the section of public passage immediately outside of the Training Hall grounds, due to the Hall being the only location it connects to it is also being used by the Hall for added space. With only railings and sandstone flooring, it is advised that more safety precautions are taken when fighting here.

    Training Facilities

    The exact training facilities on offer are indoors and outdoors training dummies. These are free to use but we ask that they are not entirely destroyed by your training.
    Along with the training dummies, we offer blunted weapons and armour to try on and train with for those that wish to try something new or practise with something outside of their comfort zone. ((Please bring your own training armour and weapons, we don't actually supply the items required for this.))

    Collaborations and Partnerships

    (The emboldened names of each venue link to their Website)

    The First Steps
    The First Steps is an Adventurer's Haven, a place for Disciples of War, Magic, Land, and Hand to find those of like mind, share their experiences, and plan future expeditions.
    Led by Keeper of the Moon Mis'to Raesthe, this veteran adventurer is keen to give those new to the trade the home, support and guidance they need on the road to making their first Gil.
    The Elysium Fight Hall
    A place where history is defined, time and time again. Elysium, where you enter a lowly fighter, but ascend as legend.
    This Hall is where many experienced fighters gather to test themselves against one another (and often against the commentators as well). Join them bi-weekly on Thursdays (swapping with the Black Ram Arena), 6 Server Time, in the Mist, Ward 17, Plot 32, on Lich.
    The Black Ram Arena
    The Black Ram Arena is a combat oriented venue meant to challenge the fighters in many different ways. Fight on mounts, battle monsters or group up against one strong competitor. To sign up contact Mjern Hyskraris (Lich) and come test your mettle bi-weekly on Thursdays (swapping with the Elysium Fight Hall), 6 Server Time, in Shirogane, Ward 15, Plot 53, on Lich
    The Stray Sheep
    The Stray Sheep is a warm, friendly bar based in the Shroud, hosting events and open bar nights for beginners to roleplay and for people to meet and make roleplay connections. The Sheep is located in the Lavender Beds, Plot 3 Ward 11 and is open for business on Sunday evenings.
    The Inari Inn
    Named after the kami of rice, sake, and foxes the Inari Inn is a cozy Ryokan and onsen situated in the region of Kugune. Offering a relaxing atmosphere away from the busy din of the city to both Hingan and Eorzean alike.
    It features a traditional Hingashi water garden, both an indoor and outdoor hot spring, fully licenced restaurant and two cozy inn rooms all to insure a pleasant stay.
    Café Catfish
    Every Friday Café Catfish opens up it's doors ready to help you kick back and relax after a week of hard work and adventuring. Our staff stand ready with a warm meal, a hot coffee, and a plethora of shenanigans. Come meet both new and old friends, get a love reading, or do you perhaps fancy a game of Ala Mhigan Roulette or Jenga?
    Esper Care
    Nestled atop the peak of the Goblet, this health and well-being clinic currently has a cast of healers, not to mention it's the perfect place to relax within the mountains. Esper Care is located at The Goblet, Ward 19, Plot 43 on Phoenix.
    Celeste Potions
    Celeste Potions™ are a prominent pharmaceutical company, comprising of different sub-fields pertaining to the development, production, and marketing of potions and medicinal products. Recently undergoing new management, they are no longer exclusively selling to the Guilds. In order to expand their products to make them accessible for not only the upper-classes, Celeste Potions™️ are branching out to many different associations.